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10 Things Every Cat Owner Needs to Know

Having a cat can be a joyous event. These cats become more like family members to most owners, and for the most part, they are going to be somewhat like having a child.

However, for those who new to the cat world, they are going to find that there are several things they are going to learn, and they are going to learn them quickly.

It is not unheard of for new cat owners to come home to shredded pillows in their home or a cat that misbehaves a lot.

The key is to be prepared for handling a cat. After all, you are who the cat relies on, and if you know what you are doing, you are going to have a better chance at having a healthy and happy cat in your home!

Cats are Social Creatures

Cats are Social Creatures

Many people believe that cats are better when they are alone in the home. However, cats are social creatures. Many people believe all that is going around in the world stating that cats are lone wolf’s types of animals.

While cats may hunt alone, this is because they are hunting small prey. A cat does not seem social companionship. How can you provide this for your cat?

You, yourself, can be the social companion for the cat. Meaning that you need to set aside some time every day to play, or simply love on the cat. Other owners find it beneficial to have more than one cat, so they can socially interact with each other.

The Litter Box Must be Appealing

One of the most common complaints that cat owners have is that their cat will not use the litter box that they have. However, in many cases, the cat simply does not find the litter box appealing.

Does this mean that you should give up? Absolutely not! You need to make this litter box appealing in a series of ways including:

  • Where the litter box is located. Perhaps the cat simply does not like where you have put the litter box.
  • The type of litter that is being used, as many cats do have a preference.
  • The type of litter box itself can be a deciding factor.

Most importantly, make sure that you clean this regularly, as cats will not continue to use a litter box that is not cleaned!

cat scratching post

All the Scratching

You will notice that your cat may scratch furniture, walls, door frames or whatever else they can find. While you may be irritated at this behavior as it can cause damage to wood, remember that scratching is an essential part of who your cat is.

It is more than just a cat sharpening his or her claws, this is an inherent behavior. So, what can you do? Provide scratching posts that are okay for your cat to use to correct the location of the scratching.

You do not want to punish a cat for scratching, just provide them with a safe and healthy outlet for doing this.

Your Cat Can Talk to You

While most people who are new to the cat world, simply hear a meow and see a certain behavior, those who have had cats for several years will tell you that if you listen closely, your cat is talking to.

The body language of a cat can tell you tons of what they are feeling. If you cat is acting standoffish towards you, simply let it be.

This helps in developing trust between cat and owner. In addition, if the cat is acting scared, try your best to find the source and put an end to it.

Watch your Cat’s Diet

Did you know that for every pound that a cat puts on this is the equivalent of a human putting on 20 or more pounds? That is why it is important that you keep your cat lean and avoid obesity.

When you look at the pet food, each bag has a general guideline as to what you should be feeding your cat. If this is unhelpful, talk with your veterinarian who can take into consideration the breed, age and the physical activity in which the cat gets daily.

The Gift of Dead Critters

Many cat owners find it strange that their cat will go outside, kill a mouse and then lay this at their feet. This is not a way to gross you out! This is a gift from your cat. When a cat does this, it shows trust and loyalty.

Stay up to Date with the Vet

Many cat owners feel like the vet is a place to go only when there is an issue. However, the yearly checkup that vets recommend for your cat are meant to solve problems before they happen.

Thus, find a vet that you like and can afford, and stick to the dates that you make for checkups, vaccines and the like. The healthier that your cat is, the better companion they will be to you.

Develop Health Habits at Once

Once you have a cat, you want to start developing good habits as soon as possible. You want your cat to like getting a bath and being groomed, so start doing this when they are at a young age.

Once they get used to this, you will find that giving a bath, using a brush or even trimming their nails becomes a spa day for both of you.

play with your cat

Play With your Cat

Always take time for your cat, which goes to show just how much they rely on social companionship. Invest into some toys that you can use with your cat, or even find an old piece of string and tie this onto a stick to play your cat.

Whatever you do, be sure that you make time for fun. Never simply fuss at a cat, as this is going to make them act out more.

Picky Eaters

There are several cat owners who find that their cats are very picky eaters. Why is this? Cats have a great sense of smell, and many cats have a certain taste that they prefer.

This is why many cat owners spend a lot of time finding a great food that their cats will also love! If you are finding that your cat is not eating what you buy, talk with your vet for a recommendation or simply try a variety of foods.

However, do not be surprised if switching foods on your cat can cause stomach issues. To avoid this, you are going to want to gradually introduce a new food into your cat’s diet.

Interesting Cat Facts

A few other things that you need to know about your cat that could indicate what you may need to change or the like:

  1. If a grown adult cat meows at you, this often means that they often look at you as their mother figure.
  2. Cats are super clean, they are probably cleaner than you!
  3. A cat’s whiskers serve a distinct purpose! This purpose is to ensure they can fit through the area in which they are heading.
  4. It is cat dander that people are allergic to, not cat fur.
  5. An average cat will life between 15 to 20 years.
  6. A kitten will lose their baby teeth at about 6 months of age.
  7. The average cat spends around 2/3 of its life sleeping.
  8. When you have a group of cats, this is called a clowder or sometimes a kindle.
  9. Cats do not have collarbones. This is why they can get into tiny places.
  10. Over short distances, cats can reach around 31 miles per hour.
  11. A cat is the most popular type of pet to have, with dogs coming in second throughout the world.
  12. For the most part, a cat will land on their feet, as long as they have enough time to get their bearings.
  13. Cats will never climb down a tree head first, they will also go down backwards due to their paws being pointed in the same direction.
  14. The first cat show in the world was performed in London in 1871.
  15. The biggest domestic cat breed is the Mane Coon.

Cats can be a joy to have. While thy are younger, it may be harder to get these cats to act as you want, it is important to remember that you are teaching them their behavior.

If you find that your cat sometimes acts out, it could because you are sending the cat mixed signals as to what they should be doing.

Therefore, it is important to play an active role in your cat’s life and be sure that you are present. Remember, a lonely cat is going to act out.

And always remember that cats are lovable creatures, sometimes all they want to do is to be loved on by the one that cares for them.

If you take care of your cat, this is one creature that you will have in your life for several years!

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  • This has so many truths! I love this article lol. I call my cat my son. I literally understand all of his different “meows.” I know he see’s me as his mom, that felt great to read that in the article! He is 8 years old now and doing very well. He doesn’t use liter boxes anymore because he likes to do his business outside. I love him so much, he helps me and is always there when I need it. Cats make the best “pet” relatives.

  • I did not know my cat has been presenting me Gifts of dead Rats until I read your article about 10 things that every cat owner needs to know. I used to wonder why it would just kill rats and lizards and not consume them buy lay them at my doorstep. I now know better thanks to the enlightening article

  • Wow I had no idea that a meow meant they look at you like a motherly figure, aww! That make sense. Someone had told me that cat’s meowing is something they tend to only do with their kittens. Also, it is good to know that if I need to switch foods that I should mix it first. I would not have thought to do that. I don’t want to give my kitties tummy issues!

  • Very informative article and helpful to a new cat owner. I never knew cats were social animals. Maybe I thought that because they sleep so much lol. I had no idea they were such “sleepy” animals and should I buy my cat a pet bed or do they prefer sleeping in certain environment?

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