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12 Rare Cat Breeds You May Know Nothing About

Are you looking for a cat to add into your home? Cats can be great sources of company and simply fun to have around.

However, each breed has different characteristics that make it what it is. Some breeds of cats are known for being outgoing and playful, while others are known for be reclusive and have a protector mode. What best fits your needs?

Answering this question will require that you look at the various different cat breeds on the market. While you may be aware of the basic breeds available, there are several rare cat breeds out there that could be perfect for you!

The Top 12 Rarest Breeds

There are several rare breeds that many people, even cat enthusiasts have never heard about. Some of these breeds have been created in labs, while others occurred naturally in the wild.

Kurilian Bobtail

1- Kurilian Bobtail

This is a natural bred cat that occurred from a mutation. This is a cat that is native to Kuril Islands, located between Russia and Japan.

Due to its location, this cat is an excellent fishes and hunter. However, it is known for its high intelligence and the gentle companionship it can offer humans as well!

This is not a breed that is recognized by many organizations, however, there are short hair and long-haired versions that do exist in the world!

serengeti cat

2- Serengeti

This breed was created through crossing a Bengal cat with an Oriental Shorthair. There is no wildcat blood in these cats, so there are no worries there! These cats are really shy at first.

However, once they warm up to a person they are quick to love. And they have been known to try to “help” their owners with tasks in their home. These are a very high energy breed, and they are super agile, meaning that they need a lot of exercise!

Napoleon cat

3- Napoleon

This cat has super long fur and is categorized with short legs. They are cross between a Munchkin and Persian cat. They have a round head, and are thick bodies often giving them an innocent look.

However, they are just as mischievous as other cat that you may bring home. This breed is categorized as being gentle, outgoing and super affectionate.

german rex cat

4- German Rex

The German Rex is a mutation of the Cornish Rex. This mutation means that it is very similar in personality to the Cornish Rex. This breed is often very playful and kitten like, even as they become adult cats.

This breed is also extremely curious. This breed almost died out in the 1970’s, however, thanks to the breeders in Germany and other countries throughout Europe, it is seeing a comeback.

ojos azules cat

5- Ojos Azules

This breed was discovered in New Mexico in 1984. Many of these cats in this breed have dark blue eyes. This breed was officially recognized in 1991, at the time there were only 10 known cats throughout the world that was considered this breed.

Due to their low population, there is not much known about how their personalities are. However, they are reported to be very affectionate and friendly. This breed is one that geneticists are still working on to see if this is viable.

peterbald cat

6- Peterbald

The Peterbald is a hairless cat. However, there are a few of these cats that do have some coat texture. They are super affectionate and intelligent. The one drawback is that these cats do require a lot of special care.

They are not to be allowed outdoors due to their skin, and they must be kept warm during the colder weather. They also have a high metabolism and require more food than a regular cat.

burmilla cat

7- Burmilla

This is a cross between a Burmese and a Chincilla. This breed was officially recognized as a breed in 1995. They are very lively and mischievous as kittens. But, as they grow they become very loving cats.

Most of those who meet these cats for the first time are struck by their beauty as they have super soft hair and a touch of elegance in their demeanor. In addition, they are very friendly when they meet strangers.

sokoke cat

8- Sokoke

The Sokoke cat is very independent, however, they are super trainable. Many of those who have these cats are able to take him or her out on the leash, as they are highly energetic and love to be doing something.

This breed is native to Kenya. It stands out from other cats thanks to its long legs and the short, dense coat of hair.

minskin cat

9- Minskin

This is another bald cat that many people love to have, especially those who have allergies to other animals. This cat will also have a kitten like appearance as it is smaller in stature than other cats that can be chosen.

This breed was first developed in 1998 by crossing a Munchkin and a Sphynx. This is a very outgoing breed that is loyal to its owners.

California Spangled Cat

10- California Spangled Cat

This is a super athletic cat who most will find it will want to play with kids or toys as long as possible when at home.

These cats do like to climb, so don’t be surprised to come home to this cat on the highest point possible within the house.

These cats were first bred to bring awareness to the hunting of leopards and other big cats for their skins.

Norwegian Forest Cat

11- Norwegian Forest Cat

This is a tough cat who is hearty in just about everything that it does. In looks, this is very similar to the Mane Coon with the bushy tail, sturdy body and long legs.

It likes to climb and there never seems to be anything that will stop them! These are super friendly cats, who are also intelligent and good with people.

They can be very demanding of your attention though! They do require more food than other breeds since they are heavy boned, tall and energetic.

scottish fold cat

12- Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is a cat that has a distinct look about it as the ears fold forward and downward. However, this does not affect their hearing in any way. These are simply adorable to see; however, they may be a bit timid until they get accustomed to their new owners.

These cats are known for being affectionate, as they usually become attached to their caregivers. However, be advised that this breed is known for being stubborn at times!

Finding a Rare Breed of Cat

Finding one of these rare bred cats can be difficult, depending upon what part of the world you are living in. in most cases, you will have to find someone who breeds these cats, and be prepared to pay quite a bit for these unique breeds. Many organizations are working with breeders to ensure that each rare breed never gets to the point of extinction!

Tips for Finding the Right Breed for You

So, what is the breed for you? Here are a few tips to help you determine what type of breed of cat you may be perfect for!

  • How much time do you have to devote to a cat?
  • Are you looking for a cat that requires a lot of time on your behalf?
  • Do you have room for an energetic cat?
  • Do you have other pets that the cat will be introduced to?
  • Be sure to look at the known health conditions that some breeds have. This can give you a good idea of what type of things you will have to watch out for as the cat matures.

These are all questions that need to be answered before you decide on which cat you should get.

Based on these questions it can give you a better understanding as to what type of personality you need to find in a cat.

If you were to bypass this and simply go for a breed that you are interested in, it could mean having an unhappy cat and an unhappy home overall.

For example, highly energetic cats that do not have the room to run and play could resort to tearing up items throughout the home.

Cats who are more prone to being alone rather than coupled with other animals could act aggressively towards the other animals.

Be sure that as soon as you get your cat that you make an appointment with your vet. It is imperative to start a good relationship with your vet so that you do have somewhere to turn in the event that health needs arise.

In addition, the sooner the cat starts going to the vet, the more comfortable he or she will be with making this trip.

This means an easier outing for you as well! Rare breeds of cats can make great pets and you are doing your best to keep this breed in the world.

However, never purchase this cat just because of the breed. Always choose based on what you want in a cat, your personality and what you can offer the cat!

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  • Interesting, I didnt know cat breeds were this numerous, though most of the breeds listed above look like the average cat I have never seen any one like the Sokoke and the Ojos Azules. They must be very rare.

  • All of these cats are adorable. The Norwegian forest cat, Scottish fold, and the ojos azules cats are probably my favorite out of this list. Do you have have a list of how to buy these breeds or the prices?

  • The only two I knew of are the Forest Cats and the Scottish Folds. I had no idea they made munchkin cats hairless! That is very strange yet some how very cute. I love the bob cat one’s body and coat. It looks like a mini version of the wild ones! When I stayed in Canada I got to see a few of them up close and they are beautiful!

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